ONLINE Carnival course of Polish for foreigners

ONLINE Carnival course of Polish
An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

The fun is on,

music is playing,

the world is spinning,


you’re surrounded by the Polish language!

We invite you to the ONLINE Carnival course of Polish. The development of communication skills is combined with the emphasis on understanding Polish culture and Carnival traditions.

Carnival is a period of parties, balls, and masquerades – you can spend it in good company and learn Polish in a Carnival atmosphere. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed!

Take part in fantastic workshops exploring the secrets of the Polish calendar, try fortune-telling by learning about horoscopes, and create a top list of New Year’s resolutions with the teachers and other students. Thanks to the extra classes, you will experience what Carnival is and how people celebrate it in Poland.

The ONLINE carnival course means many more extra classes, workshops, and meetings, all of which will be in a friendly and joyful atmosphere!

Enter the Virtual Classroom and prepare yourself for complete immersion in the Polish language!

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polski grupowy [10 lekcji/tydzień]
Intensivité10×45 min/tydz.
taille des groupesjusqu'à 8 personnes (en moyenne 6)
âge16+ ans
durée du cours (semaine)
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Cours 2 semaines
restriction Aucune

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dates des cours* tous niveaux, y compris le niveau débutant
  • 2021-02-01*
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Język polski dla obcokrajowców wg Grażyna Mroczek
Grażyna Mroczek

Elastyczność, indywidualne podejście do kursanta, zaangażowanie oraz wysoki poziom nauczania pozytywnie przyczyniły się do rozwoju pracowników naszej firmy.


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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic GLOSSA office will be closed until further notice. All Polish courses will run in online mode via platform.

Our advisors will be at your service Monday to Friday, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm via e-mail or phone:  +48 690 599 520 (Polish courses), +48 505 356 332 or +48 506 058 (

We apologize for any inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.