Speak Polish this Christmas!

Speak Polish this Christmas!
Intensive Polish Course

Snow under your feet,

Uszka in your barszcz,

Plums in your compote


Polish in your head!

We invite you to a festive Polish course which combines classical lessons with a rich extra-curricular program.
On the one hand, developing your communication skills, on the other focusing on getting to know Polish culture and our holiday traditions.
The festive season is a magical, fairytale time of year, which is why we want to share it with our students. Through our fascinating workshops, we want you to experience for yourself everything that makes a Polish Christmas so very beautiful.
Our holiday course provides significantly more lessons, workshops, meetings and excursions, all in the amazing December atmosphere of Krakow.

opinia o kursie języka polskiego Igor Popov
Igor Popov

Cieszę się, że przyjechałem na ten kurs do Polski, do szkoły Glossa. Poznałem wielu Polaków oraz spędziłem świetny urlop w międzynarodowej grupie. Wszyscy bawiliśmy się doskonale i nauczyliśmy się lepiej mówić po polsku.


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